Scotsman swagger

Hello lovely people!!!! What’s good? Hopefully everything!

My goodness, I’ve missed posting outfits recently. But that was then, this is now.

This weekend my cousin and I went to the Goodwill thrift shop around her area here in Columbus, where I’ve been visiting. I found a few awesome pieces I can work into my wardrobe seamlessly. I fell for a Scottish-inspired skirt not only for the amazing pattern, but also because I love this skirt length. It’s somewhere between prudishly modest and intriguingly feminine (haha). When I decided to put it on this sunny morning, this studded tank literally fell right into my hands! Of course, I did not resist.

And thus, this came together.  At the last moment I traded a droopy cardigan for a denim jacket (soo glad) and paired with comfy ankle boots.  I also carried a scarf with me in case these Ohio winds suddenly began to rage, as they did.


Love it?  Hope so. Hate it? Ehh

Thrifted Agnelli denim jacket, Velvet Heart studded tank, thrifted skirt, boots by Dollhouse


Furry Fury

So I got a hold of this fur vest and thought I wanted to pair it with my furry hat that I wear all year, honestly…I love that on this day the sun was so bright, made me forget the cold for a moment.

This look was spur of the moment; I was already wearing the hat then I took out the gold-striped sweater and one of my favorite thrifted blazers, baby blue this time. These black pants have always been too big so maybe, they work for the wide-leg look? Layering the vest over my blazer was a first for me, but my eyes are enticed as the slight sheen of the blue peaks through fur.

Accessories– minimal with just a simple necklace– I think there’s enough going on for now. I’d love to re-style some of these pieces, hopefully soon and maybe I’ll include more accessories. For now, I hope you enjoy this look and I’d love to know how you layer your fur! 😉

Thrifted blazer, striped sweater by Liz Claiborne, faux fur vest by Express (thrifted), pants by Worthington, shoes by Ann Taylor, Forever21 necklace, shades by Versace

Photographer: Adams Bangurah

Street Steez:: 3.14.14

One of my favorite fashion mediums is street fashion. I’m talking about looking like a million o’ bucks when you popped out of the house– not that “street” style that hides tons of sponsor $ behind a pretty smile and the latest runway looks. **hope these don’t fall into that group!**

Of course if you’ve been reading this blog, I’m sure it’s obvious that I love high fashion as much as I  love thrifting (O_O); half of my uni life was spent at the local Goodwill. So when I talk about street style, I mean this in its raw form. Everyday expression. I’m talking about people rocking their own clothes, imagine that. Haha

So dive into my collection of recent favorite looks.

photo credits: I’M KOO

Face Hunter

Jak & Jil

Street Peeper


Elle UK

Bleach it up!

I’m too much of a creative for my thoughts to remain as such. Seriously, I get jumbled up just trying to control my train of thought. I suppose that sounds more like someone with too much mind clutter.. wonder if that’s a pre-req to tapping into creativity.

Anywho, bleaching jeans isn’t the most creative DIY so that bit about creativity…HAHA! (But I am.)

I’ve always wanted to bleach some jeans so I’ve finally done it.

Need: dark jeans, large/assorted size rubber bands(no hair bands), bleach and water, bucket

After consulting my trusty YouTube fam, I adhered to the following steps:

1. After choosing pants, cut any desired “rips” into your jeans while laying each leg on its side, with the seam lying at about the middle.

2. Wrap rubberbands around places you want to remain blue–My face: (0_0) as such, this was done randomly

3. Mix a solution of water and bleach in a bucket @ 2:1 ratio (I’ve also heard 4:1 so play with the mix without fuming yourself crazy)

4. Leave pants to soak, fully immersed, for a few hours while checking on bleaching process

(I moved this around w/ a hanger from time to time)

5. Take out when desired look is achieved. Put through the washer alone and dry. Enjoy.

I love that I can see the lines of the rubberbands and a ton of blue on my jeans. What’s the highlight of your acid wash experince?


*as for the mixture ration, I tried roughly 3,4:1 and it took BLOODY FOREVER so I suggest closer to a 2:1 mix but you must do this in a ventilated area! I got a headache even at 4:1!

Les Bijoux: Trussardi F/W ’14

“Eccentricity as an expression of individuality for a woman who breaks the rules.”

These very words were used  to succinctly paint a picture for the viewing audience (yes, that includes those of us at home!). From that, I’m immediately thinking up some wild stuff– I always do when I see “break the rules”– after seeing the collection, I’m thinking more like   “rule bending” or  “conveniently ignoring steeze*-crushing rules.”  Either way, it’s apparent that while not earth splitting, this collection definitely had me wanting to “break” some rules. Fashion related, of course.

Two things that every collection I will probably ever like will need: an interesting mix of texture, and visually drawing technique. Pattern is a bonus. Of course, Trussardi lives up to it’s name as a premier producer of leather; this collection was full of leather in several pieces from dresses to pants and outerwear. The collection also featured beautiful patterned knits and fur, in many of the same forms. As such, a given look had several fabrics working together– leather on bottom, softened by various knits, some of which were metallic, thrown out of normal land with an ‘off’ frontal split, or those extremely lovely wide necklines featured in various knits.

Technique really played up the beauty of the fabric choices. I am particularly fond of the pleats and over sized/tucked-in form on the majority of the pants (tweed, Prince of Wales plaids, lightweight denim); I got the feeling this technique was reminiscent of an older time, but it felt instinctively right to me, almost as if this is something I see on the streets errday. Love.  I also appreciate (understatement!)  the technique of the aforementioned wide necklines, frontal skirt splits, and metallic pin-striped features.

A couple of other loves within this collection: the two one-piece looks, leather dresses and crested sweatshirt, the lush cream pantsuit, zebra printed leather skirt, leather accessories, and the fab loafers.

Check it out for yourself 😉


**photo credits to

*steeze (n.)- style with ease (stylized with -eze over -ase); effortless style.

Sweater love ♥♥♥

I absolutely have an intense love for thick-knitted sweaters. In fact, I can’t even count how many I’ve added to the collection with each raid of my mom’s closet. *just love ’em*

Anywho, I thought I’d pair up one of my favorite white sweaters with matching white pants (stark white and cream color combos scare me) and accessorize the outfit in a few different ways to show how versatile any look can be; spark your creativity.

As I’ve said in previous posts, there is something about white on my skin that is irresistible to me… I can’t be the only one??? Maybe it’s the contrast between the starkness of white and the warmth of my skin tone. Je ne sais pas mais je l’adore.

The freshness of an all-white look begged to be paired with something contrasting to add mad interest to the entire look; I love to play with texture, levels and color and white provides a perfect canvas.

Check out the look and spread some love!!


Here's to mixing red and green sans the Christmas look!

Here’s to mixing red and green sans the Christmas look!

Cold pose!brrr

Photography: Adams Bangurah (ignore his midget shadow hehe)

Vintage sweater, pants by INC, shoes by Michael Antonio, vintage green bag by Dooney and Bourke, red jacket by London Fog, gray trench by Espirit, shades by Versace

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

You have to love the boldness of anything KENZO. Loving this campaign and their aesthetic.

A Stairway To Fashion

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Models: Devon Aoki and Paul Boche;

Photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari.

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Les Bijoux: Adeam F/W ’14

I discovered this line by Japanese designer Hanako Maeda last season, I believe,  and I fell in love with her mix of furs, leathers and  ingenious prints. This season, my girl is back at it!

I find that she  is often inspired by flowers; last season it was hydrangeas and this season it is the pale blush of chrysanthemums against white snow.  Paradoxically, Maeda often includes a dark palette in her collections, which provides an interesting balance between the soft and hard components; this season’s collection includes notes of white, pale pink, gray and black.

I was looking forward to the inclusion of fur and leather, especially after seeing those wide-leg leather trousers, but I fell for the technique– of course.  There were a range of silhouettes, high slits, mix of textures, great draping and pleating, great separates and fabulous coats. One technique I really love is that fur seems to be an integral part in a few of the designs; a black dress with a diagonal strip of fur across the chest, the black wraparound coat (reminiscent of a dress) with an outer layer of fur, the half-leather half-fur coat (fav!)–these looks really show the multiple influences of this collection.

I can’t help but feel like there are menswear inspirations peeking through as well after seeing more than a few pieces donning pinstripes, oxford-like necklines and slits high enough to make skirt panels resemble pant legs. Is it just me? Oh well.

Check it out yourself!

*favorites: looks 3, 4 & 5

\ *photo credits to


Patterned Elbow Patches

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Years ago in a thrift shop near my university I stumbled upon this perfectly wrinkled blazer. At just the right shade of “some brown,” I wore it allll the time and it was love until my notoriously sharp elbows killed it. Seriously, I just had holes on the exterior  somewhere near mid-arm..*sigh*  IF you can imagine that.  So after about a year of no use, then seeing a similar youtube vid, I decided to use the loads of African fabrics I have tucked away in my room as awesome elbow patches!

I just pinned two layers of this cotton fabric together, cut and pinned the fabric onto the blazer and began to sew a super close over-stitch around the perimeter– worth it to make sure they stay in place.

Let me know what you think or if you’ve tried this DIY yourself!


Les Bijoux: Mara Hoffman F/W ’14

Okay, breathe. First, this collection is definitely one of the jewels that has emerged for me this fashion week. I was taken through a whirlwind of places as I inspected each look. Pattern was heavy throughout this season’s collection, and coupled with exquisitely disparate silhouettes, I never got the feeling like I couldn’t know, when there’s just too much going on?  That was so not the case with Hoffman’s collection for this fall.

I particularly love the repetition of black and white in this collection. For me, black is crisp and white is extremely refreshing on most skin tones. Not only that, the patterns were largely geometric in design (I have an intense love for geometric pattern..)!! The first two looks, the knee-length turtleneck (?) top and trousers and the crop top/skirt duo, as well as the box-cut coat, are a few of my favorites because the relaxed cut of the silhouettes allow the pattern to stand out as the star. Ahhh…

As much as I love a tight fit, I love that ‘chillin’ look sooo much more. Throughout the presentation, the fit of the clothing stayed relaxed while the necklines and colors flowed smartly, in my eyes. The way that the patterns were mixed in form of a layering coat between the black and white look and a blue print, heavily geometric, full of contrasting colors and inspiration of pyramids and palm trees was superb. This was definitely one of my favorites..every shot was like oh..ohh!… ohmygosh!! Literally haha

Above all, technique is what really got me.  There was fringe on tanks and bustiers, full-on capes, wings on dresses and pants, cut-outs, plus a veil on the final look (might just be my 1st favorite)! The mix of texture gave the pieces depth– chiffon alone and under heavy knits, light knits and even sequins gave the entire collection a romantic, yet grounded, and still technically whimsical atmosphere(!). Even the styling was on point! The gold neck, arm and ankles bands added such simple elegance. Ahh. Me oh my. So much going on, but all done so tastefully.

Ms. Hoffman will surely be one of my faves I’ll be watching for seasons to come.

*pictures courtesy of