Scotsman swagger

Hello lovely people!!!! What’s good? Hopefully everything!

My goodness, I’ve missed posting outfits recently. But that was then, this is now.

This weekend my cousin and I went to the Goodwill thrift shop around her area here in Columbus, where I’ve been visiting. I found a few awesome pieces I can work into my wardrobe seamlessly. I fell for a Scottish-inspired skirt not only for the amazing pattern, but also because I love this skirt length. It’s somewhere between prudishly modest and intriguingly feminine (haha). When I decided to put it on this sunny morning, this studded tank literally fell right into my hands! Of course, I did not resist.

And thus, this came together.  At the last moment I traded a droopy cardigan for a denim jacket (soo glad) and paired with comfy ankle boots.  I also carried a scarf with me in case these Ohio winds suddenly began to rage, as they did.


Love it?  Hope so. Hate it? Ehh

Thrifted Agnelli denim jacket, Velvet Heart studded tank, thrifted skirt, boots by Dollhouse


Furry Fury

So I got a hold of this fur vest and thought I wanted to pair it with my furry hat that I wear all year, honestly…I love that on this day the sun was so bright, made me forget the cold for a moment.

This look was spur of the moment; I was already wearing the hat then I took out the gold-striped sweater and one of my favorite thrifted blazers, baby blue this time. These black pants have always been too big so maybe, they work for the wide-leg look? Layering the vest over my blazer was a first for me, but my eyes are enticed as the slight sheen of the blue peaks through fur.

Accessories– minimal with just a simple necklace– I think there’s enough going on for now. I’d love to re-style some of these pieces, hopefully soon and maybe I’ll include more accessories. For now, I hope you enjoy this look and I’d love to know how you layer your fur! 😉

Thrifted blazer, striped sweater by Liz Claiborne, faux fur vest by Express (thrifted), pants by Worthington, shoes by Ann Taylor, Forever21 necklace, shades by Versace

Photographer: Adams Bangurah

Street Steez:: 3.14.14

One of my favorite fashion mediums is street fashion. I’m talking about looking like a million o’ bucks when you popped out of the house– not that “street” style that hides tons of sponsor $ behind a pretty smile and the latest runway looks. **hope these don’t fall into that group!**

Of course if you’ve been reading this blog, I’m sure it’s obvious that I love high fashion as much as I  love thrifting (O_O); half of my uni life was spent at the local Goodwill. So when I talk about street style, I mean this in its raw form. Everyday expression. I’m talking about people rocking their own clothes, imagine that. Haha

So dive into my collection of recent favorite looks.

photo credits: I’M KOO

Face Hunter

Jak & Jil

Street Peeper


Elle UK