Bleach it up!

I’m too much of a creative for my thoughts to remain as such. Seriously, I get jumbled up just trying to control my train of thought. I suppose that sounds more like someone with too much mind clutter.. wonder if that’s a pre-req to tapping into creativity.

Anywho, bleaching jeans isn’t the most creative DIY so that bit about creativity…HAHA! (But I am.)

I’ve always wanted to bleach some jeans so I’ve finally done it.

Need: dark jeans, large/assorted size rubber bands(no hair bands), bleach and water, bucket

After consulting my trusty YouTube fam, I adhered to the following steps:

1. After choosing pants, cut any desired “rips” into your jeans while laying each leg on its side, with the seam lying at about the middle.

2. Wrap rubberbands around places you want to remain blue–My face: (0_0) as such, this was done randomly

3. Mix a solution of water and bleach in a bucket @ 2:1 ratio (I’ve also heard 4:1 so play with the mix without fuming yourself crazy)

4. Leave pants to soak, fully immersed, for a few hours while checking on bleaching process

(I moved this around w/ a hanger from time to time)

5. Take out when desired look is achieved. Put through the washer alone and dry. Enjoy.

I love that I can see the lines of the rubberbands and a ton of blue on my jeans. What’s the highlight of your acid wash experince?


*as for the mixture ration, I tried roughly 3,4:1 and it took BLOODY FOREVER so I suggest closer to a 2:1 mix but you must do this in a ventilated area! I got a headache even at 4:1!