Street Steez:: 3.14.14

One of my favorite fashion mediums is street fashion. I’m talking about looking like a million o’ bucks when you popped out of the house– not that “street” style that hides tons of sponsor $ behind a pretty smile and the latest runway looks. **hope these don’t fall into that group!**

Of course if you’ve been reading this blog, I’m sure it’s obvious that I love high fashion as much as I  love thrifting (O_O); half of my uni life was spent at the local Goodwill. So when I talk about street style, I mean this in its raw form. Everyday expression. I’m talking about people rocking their own clothes, imagine that. Haha

So dive into my collection of recent favorite looks.


photo credits: I’M KOO

Face Hunter

Jak & Jil

Street Peeper


Elle UK


2 Replies to “Street Steez:: 3.14.14”

  1. Fab collection, especially love those linear red/ crimson shoes and the last coat with the pattern that looks like lipstick lips. I agree on your street style concept – most of the biggest bloggers seem to be a version of a catwalk show wearing unaffordable pieces.


    1. Thanks love! I felllll for that lips jacket as well! Street Style– as far as I’m concerned, if your wardrobe consists mainly of crazy expensive pieces, what creative value do you add with your street style? It looks good but that’s it right??!

      Thanks for your comment!



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