Furry Fury

So I got a hold of this fur vest and thought I wanted to pair it with my furry hat that I wear all year, honestly…I love that on this day the sun was so bright, made me forget the cold for a moment.

This look was spur of the moment; I was already wearing the hat then I took out the gold-striped sweater and one of my favorite thrifted blazers, baby blue this time. These black pants have always been too big so maybe, they work for the wide-leg look? Layering the vest over my blazer was a first for me, but my eyes are enticed as the slight sheen of the blue peaks through fur.

Accessories– minimal with just a simple necklace– I think there’s enough going on for now. I’d love to re-style some of these pieces, hopefully soon and maybe I’ll include more accessories. For now, I hope you enjoy this look and I’d love to know how you layer your fur! 😉

Thrifted blazer, striped sweater by Liz Claiborne, faux fur vest by Express (thrifted), pants by Worthington, shoes by Ann Taylor, Forever21 necklace, shades by Versace

Photographer: Adams Bangurah


2 Replies to “Furry Fury”

  1. love this vest and how you pair it with the more dressed up pants! wilderness vs. urbanity 😉



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