Les Bijoux: Trussardi F/W ’14

“Eccentricity as an expression of individuality for a woman who breaks the rules.”

These very words were used  to succinctly paint a picture for the viewing audience (yes, that includes those of us at home!). From that, I’m immediately thinking up some wild stuff– I always do when I see “break the rules”– after seeing the collection, I’m thinking more like   “rule bending” or  “conveniently ignoring steeze*-crushing rules.”  Either way, it’s apparent that while not earth splitting, this collection definitely had me wanting to “break” some rules. Fashion related, of course.

Two things that every collection I will probably ever like will need: an interesting mix of texture, and visually drawing technique. Pattern is a bonus. Of course, Trussardi lives up to it’s name as a premier producer of leather; this collection was full of leather in several pieces from dresses to pants and outerwear. The collection also featured beautiful patterned knits and fur, in many of the same forms. As such, a given look had several fabrics working together– leather on bottom, softened by various knits, some of which were metallic, thrown out of normal land with an ‘off’ frontal split, or those extremely lovely wide necklines featured in various knits.

Technique really played up the beauty of the fabric choices. I am particularly fond of the pleats and over sized/tucked-in form on the majority of the pants (tweed, Prince of Wales plaids, lightweight denim); I got the feeling this technique was reminiscent of an older time, but it felt instinctively right to me, almost as if this is something I see on the streets errday. Love.  I also appreciate (understatement!)  the technique of the aforementioned wide necklines, frontal skirt splits, and metallic pin-striped features.

A couple of other loves within this collection: the two one-piece looks, leather dresses and crested sweatshirt, the lush cream pantsuit, zebra printed leather skirt, leather accessories, and the fab loafers.

Check it out for yourself 😉


**photo credits to wwd.com

*steeze (n.)- style with ease (stylized with -eze over -ase); effortless style.



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