Les Bijoux: Christopher Kane F/W ’14

You know how every so often (emphasis on often) you scroll through the shows of collections belonging to designers who have yet to WOW you? I cannot quite say this was the case with Mr. Kane, b/c I can say that this was the first time I studied his entire collection. No time for regrets, I just wish I’d found him sooner.

This season’s collection consisted of a lot of thoughtful juxtaposition between textures and shapes. There was a lot of heavy play between these elements, particularly with leather. At several points throughout the collection, leather and/or patent pvc was paired with fur, tight knits, or both! It was fresh to see, especially because I fooled myself into thinking I wasn’t particularly excited to see a collection heavily laden with patent ____. I was wrong.

I’ve said more than once that I am a sucker for technique and Mr. Kane piqued my interests. Some of my favorite looks included those that were riddled with cut-outs, particularly in pink, as well as those looks that featured those fab pieces trailing down the entire length of the models’ arms.  A few of the looks were reminiscent of a novel in my eyes; layers of sheer fabric with was manipulated, allowing the contrasting colors of the fabric itself to shine. In some of these looks, the fabric was pinned in several places, adding dimension, while in other looks, the pinning of the fabric created a boxy silhouette. I also loved the one LBD that was covered in barely-noticeable crystals! Lastly, while these weren’t my favorite looks, I give honorable mentions to the quilted leathers I saw in a few of the beginning looks, as well as some of his knits.

OMG did I mention the fabulous coats? From trenches in pink wool to leather, and those covered in pink fur…this was my next favorite part, second only the looks with cut-outs down the arms…and the novel- like dresses.

I was really impressed by this collection- actually, I was more impressed with the thought processes I know were behind this collection. I’m constantly amazed when I think about the WHY behind any given collection/ designer. I look forward to more from this guy.

Check it out for yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*all photos courtesy of whowhatwear.com- no infringement intended.


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