Perhaps never

All the world could fall for the shine in those eyes, the same way I did

It very much was like meeting the sun,

they burnt with vigor that scalded my soul and all at once made me want to forever capture those swirling lights in my every memory

That light, so emaciated and unloved, it twitches in anguish like darkness in the presence of God

It vanishes and appears,

giving weight to my notions of insanity

Surely my mind must be a twisted visual effect of confusion for me to so horribly cross these signals

Ever more distant, the dialtone became the ringtone

He’s sliding into that roladex of old contacts, a continually revolving door out of which comes me, and just me, every time

We enter, and amongst the chaos and silence, a kinetic connection between our skin and our fire seems to be dangling for dear life over the edge of the earth


Run run run and catch the sharp edge without slicing your fingers

Run run run to save a love, but it shall not be spared

Could there ever be another, I wondered, that would shine so brightly my reflection glimmering in those deep, dark pools would be enough to inspire this worn heart?


Perhaps not

Perhaps never



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