Pebble, mold

Float on and be molded by the waters that carry you
With each curve comes a tale unlike the one before
For every cracked and indented crevice of your surface reveals a new you
This one and that, identical only in name, sliced you in new ways you had yet to imagine

Sink and be lifted by the currents which wash you to and fro
The wonder of the world shines blood orange from the bottom, it
drips of honey as you settle into the dust
So rise and be washed anew with the divine push of love on your every sweetened crevice
On your every crevice will be etched, me
And you on mine

Move with water and against the currents
Reveal that trueness which shows itself only when probed
Against these currents be smoothed until one crevice becomes another and your cuts are invisible to eyes
Float on and be molded until there is no more
Until there is nothing left and you gracefully slip through the binds that hold you
Fall apart and fall together, and behold, through this only will you be whole
Pebble, mold
Pebble, mold
Pebble, mold with stars on your tongue and wonder in your eyes
Pebble, mold for each crevice and each burn that shall make you complete
Just mold
Pebble, mold

-M. Kanu



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