Les Bijoux: Mara Hoffman F/W ’14

Okay, breathe. First, this collection is definitely one of the jewels that has emerged for me this fashion week. I was taken through a whirlwind of places as I inspected each look. Pattern was heavy throughout this season’s collection, and coupled with exquisitely disparate silhouettes, I never got the feeling like I couldn’t focus..you know, when there’s just too much going on?  That was so not the case with Hoffman’s collection for this fall.

I particularly love the repetition of black and white in this collection. For me, black is crisp and white is extremely refreshing on most skin tones. Not only that, the patterns were largely geometric in design (I have an intense love for geometric pattern..)!! The first two looks, the knee-length turtleneck (?) top and trousers and the crop top/skirt duo, as well as the box-cut coat, are a few of my favorites because the relaxed cut of the silhouettes allow the pattern to stand out as the star. Ahhh…

As much as I love a tight fit, I love that ‘chillin’ look sooo much more. Throughout the presentation, the fit of the clothing stayed relaxed while the necklines and colors flowed smartly, in my eyes. The way that the patterns were mixed in form of a layering coat between the black and white look and a blue print, heavily geometric, full of contrasting colors and inspiration of pyramids and palm trees was superb. This was definitely one of my favorites..every shot was like oh..ohh!… ohmygosh!! Literally haha

Above all, technique is what really got me.  There was fringe on tanks and bustiers, full-on capes, wings on dresses and pants, cut-outs, plus a veil on the final look (might just be my 1st favorite)! The mix of texture gave the pieces depth– chiffon alone and under heavy knits, light knits and even sequins gave the entire collection a romantic, yet grounded, and still technically whimsical atmosphere(!). Even the styling was on point! The gold neck, arm and ankles bands added such simple elegance. Ahh. Me oh my. So much going on, but all done so tastefully.

Ms. Hoffman will surely be one of my faves I’ll be watching for seasons to come.

*pictures courtesy of wwd.com


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