Stretch, Stretch far


I love that during winter, I can pile on a bunch of ugly clothes (?) and still look stylish– during university years I did that haha. Honestly, what I love most about winter fashion is the fact that you can mix up or layer pretty disparate pieces and still have a quite chic look overall; the key is just going with the flow. By this, I simply mean allowing yourself to relax the rules you have about personal fashion! Layer different patterns you often do not, rock an unexpected accessory or in my case, wear leggings as pants (even though I swore I would never! ). The point is that versatility is always an admirable trait, especially in fashion! Now in this candid look, lovely people, I have this cream and taupe-ish patterned vintage sweater that I love to pair with a baby pink oxford shirt, also in this look although it’s a bit hidden by my scarf. Awesome combo. I’ve paired that with a fab pair of black leggings that really are sweaters for legs…pahagacaha.

Heads up: random laughter shall be a staple of this blog. Pahagaga.

Anywho, along with the sweater and leggings I pulled on my favorite pair of brown boots and got dramatic with that awesome patterned scarf and a fedora style hat. Enjoy the look as well as pulling specific pieces from this look and incorporating them into everyday looks!

* This was a random shoot, but I absolutely love the UO feel I’m getting from this–blurry pics and all.

Patterned sweater courtesy of Mommy’s closet, pink oxford by Ann Taylor, leggings by Pink Rose, boots by Mossimo, scarf by Pashmina



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