Orange could be the new black, right?

I got this jacket in the middle of the summer so you knowww I got a great deal. Problem is, it was summer. No place to wear the freakin’ gorgeous thang! Mommy nature is on my side (I think?) with the recent cold weather, so I wanted to put this jacket to use in a new way. Now, I’m a wear-what-floats-your-boat kind of lady, so today I’ll wear a three-piece suit, and tomorrow you may find me in over-sized sweaters dying to be layered. This is most definitely tomorrow!!

The orange of this jacket is begging to be paired with some neutrals. I always believe there is a star in every look and we all know that too many divas vying for the spotlight becomes a huge mess. HUGE MESS.  Anyway, this jacket is my star for this look, so I really wanted the other pieces to complement this piece. I’ve paired it with one of my many vintage chunky knit sweaters (we shall never part) and some old ripped up jeans. Funny story: these jeans were never supposed to look like this, my clumsy self just ripped both the knee and a formerly non-existent tear right under the butt…well! Mistakes often turn out to be serendipitous pleasures as was this, so I threw on teal-ish leggings underneath to avoid being completely exposed in these now shredded jeans haha and rocked it. Lastly, I had to toughen up the sweetness of this jacket by wearing heavy-duty boots(my feet were invincible).

What do you think?

I like these shadows on my face
I like these shadows on my face


Jacket by Black River, jeans and leggings from Charlotte Russe, scarf from Old Navy, hat by Polo Ralph Lauren, shades by Ray Ban, boots by Dexter



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