Trench, please

20140125_141529 20140125_14083820140125_142006 20140125_142010 20140125_142211 20140125_14221820140125_142231 20140125_142446


I have had this trench-coat for YEARS..seriously since high school yrs..but it’s traveled through some times with me. Some times I wanted to throw it out, other times I fell for its unimposing silhouette all over again. This year I’ve decided to revive it once more; some pieces are just too timeless to let go– for me anyway.

I’ve paired one of my big, patterned sweaters with a simple all black look, figuring of course, that the sweater would be the star!! Of course, knowing me..I had to mix it up.


Coat by Espirit, vintage sweater by Terribly Sorry, jeans by Celebrity Gold, boots by Sbicca, black hat by Polo Ralph Lauren, scarf from Old Navy, belt by Tommy Hilfiger



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